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Tanking provides peace of mind against damp

For a majority of homeowners in Cornwall the effects of damp on the ground floor and basement levels of the home can be considerable. Many homes require some degree of tanking or damp proof membrane to protect the home from water related damage. At Marnick builders we have used Newton tanking systems to great effect on a number of properties and there is a Newton system to suit any property, from render based damp proof systems to plastic tanking and sump pumps.

We have the experience to be able to advise you on the best possible solution for your home, taking into account all aspects of planning and surveying to ensure that encroaching damp is a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy your home to its full potential.

Click through the gallery below to see an example of a rigid plastic tanking system in Falmouth. This system drains into a sump pump and is covered with stud walling over the top of the membrane  leaving a stable base for whatever surface finish the room requires.

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Marnick Builders use specialist systems to improve the thermal performance of an ageing property in Falmouth

The three storey semi-detached Victorian house was constructed around 100 years ago with solid granite walls, and although structurally strong the thermal performance of granite is very poor by modern standards, the owners were looking to fully refurbish the property and address the energy efficiency issues.

Marnick builders used there experience in property renovation to suggest a full plan of work, recommending Bostik’s Climatherm External Wall Insulation (EWI) system as the best material to improve the thermal efficiency of the home, yet retain the period features and appeal of the house.

Operations Director Nick Chinn explains:

“We needed an EWI system that offered the right thermal performance and a very high level of durability as the property is located on the coast and exposed to some quite extreme weather conditions. The Bostik Climatherm system with EPS insulation and white silicone render finish proved ideal. We were very impressed with both the performance of the system itself and the support offered by Bostik.”

“An extension was added to the property as part of the project which did not require insulating but needed to match the external appearance of the rest of the house. As a Bostik Climatherm approved contractor we were able to source additional render through the local branch of Travis Perkins and make sure the extension perfectly matched the rest of the property.”

The property now achieves a U-value in accordance with building regulations for work of this kind while retaining its period look and feel, fully meeting the requirements of the homeowner.

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